Saturday, July 28, 2012

review of Faithful to Laura

This book was a great story.Laura Stutzman was a young Amish woman who was betrayed by the man she loved and wanted to marry.Instead he left her both physically and emotionally scarred.She determines that she will never trust another man again.In fact she hopes to find some revenge.Than she meets Sawyer Thompson a young man who had been adopted into a Amish family.Sawyer becomes taken by Laura but will an unexpected visitor threaten his whole world. And will Laura be able to let go of the thoughts of Revenge. This was a well written story and her writing was awesome.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Angel eyes book review

Brielle who is a ballerina decides to move to the city to fulfill her dreams.But her world is torn apart by tragedy that strikes.Brielle returns home to Stratus Oregon.Jake is a new boy to  the school she attends.They have evil lurking around them.They have two Angels standing guard over them.Will they overcome the evil and this crucial point where human choice is prevelant. I enjoyed this book greatly.

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