Sunday, June 5, 2016

Mirror Images by Laurel Norlander

I was given this book to review through booksneeze. This story follows Madison. She has been saving her money to adopt ababy. One day Madison's boyfriend steals her money and promptly leaves town. Madison has not heard from him. One day she picks up the newspaper and reads that her ex has died. Madison decides to go to his funeral to try and get back her money that her ex took. While at the graveyard she happens to see her ex standing there. which shocks her.This story has so many twists and turns it.Madison is such a great character.Laurel is such a wonderful author and i would definitly read another book by her


I was given this book to review for Booksneeze.Avelina is a humble maidservant who has been told by her employer to pretend to be the daughter of the Earl. Avelina is to try and capture the attention of the Margrave ofthe Thornbeck. If the Earl is attacked than the Margrave will come to his rescue if he was.meanwhile the Margrave is looking for a suitable wife.Jorgen and his wife Colette devise a plan as to help him find a suitable wife. Avelina does not want the Margrave to fall in love with her. I loved this story and it was written just like a modern love story.

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