Saturday, September 27, 2014

review of the ONce a DAy bible for women

I was given this bible to review. This bible is so amazing.It gives you the scripture reading for the day and it also gives you an application on how to apply what you have read.This bible helps me to learn a new way of looking at what I'am reading. i love that it gives you tips on how to study your bible and it makes me very relevent for todays Christian woman.The wording is simple and so easy to understand.i would highly reccomend this to any woman.

Monday, September 1, 2014

review of A Mother's Secret

I was given this book to read for booksneeze. this book follows Carolyn Lapp and her son Benjamin.Carolyn in her youth made a mistake and had her son Benjamin.carolyn lives with her brother who cannot find it in himself to forgive Carolyn for her mistake.Carolyn's brother tries to arrange a marriage for his sister to a man named Saul but Carolyn does not believe that Saul loves her.Benjamin gets in trouble at a horse auction,Carolyn meets Joshua.this was a great story loved it.

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