Monday, September 28, 2015

review of The Bishop's son

I was given this book to review.This book The Bishop's Son by Kelly Irvin. This story follows Leila Lantz who is a plain Amish girl.She is a traditional Amish girl who lives with her family.Leila haalways had a liking for the bishops son Jesse  Glick. Jesse cannot seem to make  any sense to Leila he seems interested but he cannot seem to make up his mind whether to take  a chance or not.Jesse has a secret though that willpossibly put all chances with Leila at a standstill. Then you can add Will Jesse's cousin who also likes Leila and tries to warn her about Jesse.I loved this story and the ending was so different then what you would expect from  a traditional Amish story but loved the ending. I highly recommend this book.
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Saturday, September 5, 2015

review of the new NIV Zondervan study bible

I was given this bible to review. I absloutely love this bible the printing is so easy to read.This bible includes detailed colored maps and also has pictures of markings that were put into walls.It gives you brief statements providing historical facts when each book of the bible was said to be written. this bible is so easy to study from and read. It also includes great commentaries which makes this easy to learn from. It has helped me increase my knowledge of the bible. I highly reccomend this bible to anyone.

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