Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Dandelion Field

I was given this book to review. This story follows Ginevieve lightly her daughter Raine, Dan Moretti Cody Bennett and Eve Bennett. Gin and her daughter Raine end up in Banister falls Wisconsin after their car dies. Gin only plans to stay long enough to get a job  to make enough to get another car. Gin promises Raine that they can stay till her senior year in school is done.Dan is a firefighter who spend his whole life in Banister falls. After his best friend is killed in a fire he has helped Eve raise her son Cody. Raine and Cody become friends and than they make a mistake and are now expecting a baby. As Dan gets to know Gin he realizes how much he has come to love him. Can Dan make Gin realize he is a good guy and she can trust him. this story was incredible.

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