Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Autumn Brides: A Year of Weddings Novella Collection

I was given this novella to review. This book has three stories in it the first story is called a September bride this story  follows Annie who decides to move to the small town of Red Leaf as she decided this town could become home to her. Enter Jesse the local deputy of the town. Jesse's mom owns a bookshop but when his mom hands the keys to the bookshop over to Annie he becomes supscious of annie and decides to keep an eye on her. As they get to know each other thier feelings develop can Jesse overlook his supscions and follow his heart. I loved this story. and the characters were very likeable.
An October bride was written by Katie Ganshert. This story follows Emma late who breaks up with her fiance. Emma has been lifelong friends with Jake Sawyer. Emma's father is dying and his last wish is to be able to walk his daughter down the isle so Emma and Jake decide to get married to honor her dad's wish. But with a town supscious and not minding thier own business can Emma and Jake pull this wedding off again loved this story.
And lastly A November Bride by Beth K Vogt Sadie McAllister who is a personal chef and loves it.Though Sadie has no luck in the romance department. her best friend Erik who has no trouble getting a girlfriend but can never seem to find the one. Sadie is invited to move out west with a family she works for. can Sadie leave her home and Erik behind or does it realize her feelings she trully has for Erik agian loved this story and loved the characters they are so very likeable.

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