Wednesday, January 20, 2016

review of The Forgotten Recipe by Amy clipston

I was given this book to review for booksneeze. This story follows Veronica Fisher She is engaged to the love of her life Seth Lapp. They plan to have a long life together.In a tragedy Seth loses his life. Veroncia believes  she will never find love again.As Veronica tries to pick up the peices of her broken heart she discovers some recipes that her mom had long since forgotten.Veroncia decided to open abake stand where she can make and sell her recipes.Jason Huyard was with Seth when he died. He starts going to the bakestand to buy Veronica's raspberry pies but also he goes just to see her. He starts to fall in love with Veroncia but he doesn't know how to tell her that he was there when Seth died.He is afraid to tell Veroncia. Can he overcome his fear of rejection and can she overcome her broken heart  I loved this story so much highly reccommend it.

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