Tuesday, March 1, 2016

review of The Goodbye bride by Denise Hunter

I was given this book to review from booksneeze . The story follows Lucy Lovett who happens to fall inside a diner in Portland. she has amnesia and can not remember the last seven months of her life she was dressed in a wedding dress.She calls her ex fiance Zac Zac Callahan. zac recieves the call from Lucy who had left him 7 months prior without so much of a note.Lucy struggles to understand how she ended up in Portland. Zac takes her back to his place to watch over her till she is better. He hopes only to have her around till she is better than send her back. Lucy still loves Zac but Zac does not want to be involved. As Lucy tries to settle back into the town she left. people are not veey friendly. Than the press comes along as her other fiance Brad has listed her as a missing person. This story was so much to read. I loved how the characters came to life on the page. I could feel for Lucy but also felt for Zac and the struggles he has with her being back in his life. they work to overcome the past and struggle to see if they can be together again. Denise is one of my favorite authors and she does yet another wonderful job with this book.

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